We are On Smack Jeeves now!

Hello My Friends,

I am very excited!!! We are now on Smack Jeeves!! This will be great for better viewing, organization and sharing.  http://anovellife.smackjeeves.com/

I also moved The Hall Of Bish Comic too! http://thehallofbish.smackjeeves.com/ If you do not know what that is. It is a comic my friend Jamie and I stated years ago when we first met. It has not been updated in years but I am working on getting her back into it..  Please help if you liked / like the comic and art..

Also for you html noobs like me here are some helpful slites:



That took me all day… And I am wiped out but excited to share with you..

Keep an eye out for the next few updates  for this comic, coming in the next few weeks.


Hello Anjiu!

Hello My name is Anjiu and this is a Comic about my life and my friends.

Tomorrow is my Birthday and this coming year Will be the start of  my best year ever!

Thank you for coming, I am sorry our posts are so delayed. Life is very busy right now.

~Take care~


Happy Valentines day from Novel Life~

Welcome to our first Comic!    

Happy Heart Day, sweeties ❤ ❤ ❤

We are not a traditional web comic, I do not have the skills to build a webpage like most, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be any good.  We will have single panel posts like the above from Trixie, and more detailed stories too. We had something else planed but Trixie was set on  opening the comic to everyone, she wanted to share her love with you all..  So we decided to let her. We  hope you enjoy your stay and come back for more.. The best thing to do is subscribe your e-mail so you know when we update..  Thanks you again for vising and sharing your time with us.

~The Novel Life staff.

Quick Sketch

Here is a Quick Sketch of Some characters to come, *giggles*