About The Comic

This comic will be a monthly update of random comics with several diffrent characters. Based on every day things, love, friendship, jealousy, kindness, morals, silliness,  and imagination ..

This comic was inspired by Amy Jane’s random thoughts and creative imagination.  The ideas for the comics have been begging to come out for a long time. Some have been inspired by Amy’s daily life, and her book characters. Or the many RPG’s she enjoys to play when she should be writing. Others have come from Discussions of anime, manga, tv shows, and well, you will see. With one or more  of her dear friend’s..

There is no direct plot line as of right now, just a bunch of random ones based on cretin  characters. However there may be one that develops in time with help or on it’s own. As a Novelist it is easy to see sometimes you have one thing planed for a character, yet something seems to happen all on it’s own. Or is that just me?? Any ways Enjoy!

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